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                            Ben Morgan  -  Owner                           
Morgan Marine started at Lake Lanier, Georgia in 1998. By owning a boat and harboring numerous boats at a large marina on Lake Lanier by the name of Holiday Marina lead us to a working relationship on that lake. Ben Morgan, towed boats by water, moved docks, salvaged boats, raised submerged vessels, hauled boats out of the lake for low water preparedness, purchased abandoned/auctioned boats for refurb and resale purposes, as well as transportation of boats for individuals, insurance companies and manufacturers. That working relationship and word of mouth lead us to the Florida panhandle after Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Faye. Then to the AL, MS and LA coasts after Katrina, again after Gustav and Texas after Ike. Then to MD, DE, NJ and NY after Sandy. With our boat transportation trucks arriving only days after the storm dissipated, this made our cleanup efforts immediately available for clearing roadways as well as private properties. Followed by our salvage crews, divers, work barges, work boats, cranes, etc. for removing boats, rv's, auto's and equipment from roof tops, bottom of waterways, in swimming pools, forest or anywhere the storm left them.

We have been the Cat Team for industry leading insurance companies and their customers since Katrina in 2005. We work hard to maintain the integrity and customer friendly relationship that they have maintained for their customers over the years. We also continue to structure ourselves and our crews to work with environmental friendly techniques. There is a lot more that goes into a salvage operation than just retrieving someone's boat off their rooftop or submerged at their dock or even inside a neighbor's house. While considering the environment is very important, we also know an insured needs a lot of comforting and reassurance after the storm.  They particularly do not want more damage done to their already damaged property. All our salvage crews are given guidance on how to deal with an irate or fearful insured and we feel our record indicates we do a good job at that. We also try to preserve the condition of the unit without further damage during the salvage process so as to maintain the integrity of the unit for auction purposes. We know that the best premium is an important factor when the unit is auctioned.


Gregg has worked in the Environmental field over 25 years and brought his expertise to Morgan Marine in 2008. His expertise is a valuable asset in the salvage business as all storm damaged units can be a threat to the environment. If it can be done, Gregg can get it done!

Jamie began working with Morgan Marine during Hurricane Ike in Texas supervising the salvage of auto's, rv's and equipment. Soon moving into the boat salvage portion of the business achieving his nickname of "Saltwater Cowboy". When Jamie is not salvaging boats or transporting big boats that only few in the industry are capable of hauling, he is dedicating his time for teaching youth his love of Bullriding. He has been instrumental in the growth and participation of the nonprofit organization Combee Rodeo Association of which Morgan Marine is a proud sponsor.

3-15-14 Congrats to Jamie as he adds Certified Diver to his list of accomplishments.

Mike Daniele - Crew Leader and Boat Transport
Mike Daniele became a top crew leader for us during our work in NJ, NY and MD after Hurricane Sandy. His position became an integral part of our recovery and transportation efforts. Mike maintains his boat transport business and is our first call when a need for boat transportation presents itself.. His work ethics, experience, integrity and professionalism are all beyond measure. One of the positive results of Hurricane Sandy was presenting the opportunity for us to meet Mike and resulting in a long lasting relationship.

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